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New York City is one of the best places to be during the fall, and with so much to do, you will never have too much time on your hands. If you are traveling to the city this fall, chances are you are being overwhelmed with possible things you could do in the city. We at CPE wanted to make this simple, so we came up with a list of the top 5 things to do this Fall if you’re visiting NYC. 

NYC Food & Wine Festival 

Every year foodies from around the world flock to NYC for the biggest food and wine festival in the city. Food Network stars and consumers all gather to share their love of food and alcoholic beverages. The festival features some world class celebrity Chefs, from Mario Batali, to Bobby Flay you can attend some of their master cooking classes and receive all types of cooking tips and tricks. For those of you who are wine connoisseurs, this is the perfect place to wet your palette with some of the most exotic wines the world has to offer. The New York City Wine and Food festival is an amazing experience, and this is reflected in the ticket price. The Grand Tasting is $185 per ticket, but in my opinion well worth the price tag. You can purchase tickets to this years Food and Wine Festival here

Catch a Broadway Show

Broadway is the biggest Theater district of the country, maybe even the world, offering some of the most entertaining plays you will ever see. It’s no wonder why watching a Broadway sho5077-5077_New-York-Broadway-MAINw is a must do activity if you’re visiting NYC. Falls in NYC are often called ‘Broadway Season’ with new shows premiering practically every week you’ll have plenty to choose from. Many Big name Hollywood actors are set to be taking the stage this fall, including Al Pacino in “China Doll” a play by David Mamet. Make sure to buy your tickets early, Broadway plays do tend to sell out relatively quickly.

Stop by Knick Game

Madison Square Garden is the Mecca of Basketball arenas, and if you are a basketball fan then going to a Knick game should definitely be on your itinerary. Basketball season starts at the end of October which is the perfect time to be in New York City, and a perfect time to visit MSG. Take the subway right up to the 34th street Penn Station, and head upstairs to the ticket window. If you want to experience New Yorkers at their finest, there no better place to do so than watching them root for their favorite sports team. Visiting MSG and watching the Kincks play gives you a true look into the love/hate relationship people have with this city.

Halloween Parade

If you are visiting the city during Halloween, you are in for a special treat. The Village Halloween parade is famous for its outrageous costumes, you can join in on the fun by heading down to the West 4th area of Manhattan and watch as the characters come in abundance. If you’ve never gotten a chance to experience a Halloween in New York City, this is the best time to do so. The Parade starts at 7pm and once it ends there are tons of bars and restaurants in the area that will be participating in Halloween specials, so you can grab a quick bite or drink for a great price.

Thanksgiving Day Parade 

The Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade is a NYC tradition, Fifth Avenue is closed off to make room for the gigantic parade floats and the impressive balloon figures that take up the entire street. This parade will the-88-year-evolution-of-the-macys-thanksgiving-day-paradetest your patience huge crowds and cold weather can drive away those that aren’t tough enough to handle it. But if the cold doesn’t bother you then grab a huge cup of hot NYC coffee and enjoy this spectacular NYC tradition. 

New York City has so much to offer year round, but the fall is honestly one of the best times to visit. Along with everything we mentioned on this list don’t forget the endless charming characteristics that come along with fall weather Pumpkin Beverages, beautiful scenery, sweater weather, and holidays. Enjoy your fall this year, and if you happen to be landing in the NYC area give us a call and will pick you up. We want to be your first choice for Luxury Transportation in NYC. 

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