How to Plan a Successful Bachelorette Party in NYC

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How to Plan a Successful Bachelorette Party in NYC

Marriage is one of those double-edge swords, you get to spend the rest of your life with the man you love—but you also have to spend the rest of your life with the man you love. There is only one way to properly mourn your single-hood, with a killer bachelorette party. From finding and hiring the best NYC limo service, to inspiring your itinerary, we’ve gathered up a list of tips to help you plan the best NYC bachelorette party anyone’s every thrown.

Go Crazy With Entertainment

Why do the strip club when it’s been done before? Instead, check out some of New York’s hottest drag bars and see what trouble you and your girls
can get into. Drinks are typically available at the bar, and you might even score a free drink for being a bride-to-be, so put this down on your itinerary


Check Out Some of NYC’s Famous Rooftop Pools

Nothing says, “I’m getting married and my parents are paying for the wedding,” quite like a party at a rooftop pool and bar. You only get married

once, so why not check out one of New York’s hottest rooftop pools and grab your besties for dip? It’s fun, sexy, and will provide plenty of fun memories to look back on. Some of the best bars include Le Bain and Gansevoort. You’ll love the cocktails and customer service they offer up.

Get some late night sugar

Why settle for just alcohol when you can have alcohol and sugar? The Sugar Factory in New York offers the best of both worlds for ladies and gentlemen looking for something sweet to munch on. With signature drinks like the lollipop Mai Tai, you’ll have plenty of drinks to try out while you say goodbye to your freedom. NYC-Bachelorette-Party MS_247092

Choose the Right NYC Limo Service

As you might imagine, all this drinking means you’re going to need a ride around town. The last thing you want is your bestie driving everyone home while tipsy. Avoid this dangerous situation by selecting a NYC limo service that has experience.

One of the best is Charter Premier Exclusive Transportation. They have a wide selection of limos to choose from, including party busses that have lasers and music, and who doesn’t want lasers and music at their bachelorette party?


Make the most out of your NYC bachelorette party by using these tips as a foundation. We know you’ll love every step of the journey. Congratulations!

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