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At CPE we value all of our clients and we pride ourselves on setting the standard in the luxury transportation services industry. On this next blog post we decided to start our newest series of post called “Friends of Charter”.

This will be a series of guest post from past clients who have experienced our services. This week we have Mike Klay… He and his family are originally from Grand Rapids Michigan, and they came to NYC looking to unwind and enjoy an awesome family vacation. This is Mike’s story “The Ultimate NYC Vacation”


The Ultimate NYC Family Vacation  

The toughest part of preparing for a smooth vacation is figuring out the “where” and the “what”. There are lots of places to visit, and many people don’t really have time to explore all that they have in mind for one vacation.

You might end up coming back from the trip  even more stressed out than you were before leaving. Traveling shouldn’t be nerve-wracking,  rather, it should give you the opportunity to experience new sights in a comforting atmosphere.

Now you might want to ask the question- can someone really have a vacation that gives him or her an opportunity to experience lots of sights without getting worn out?

The Answer is…Yes you can!

The NYC Trip of a Life Time

My Family and I were in search of the perfect trip. Our destination of choice was New York City, now none of us had ever been to NYC so it seemed like the right choice. Coming from Michigan NYC definitely isn’t the typical place you’d think of when you want to relax and kick back… But we had a different experience, sort of the ‘Atypical’ New York City vacation.

One of the quickest ways to burn yourself out while vacationing is driving! That’s right if you are like most middle aged Americans you are already driving way more than you’d like, so my wife and I saw no need to do it on vacation as well. We decided that we would not be driving, and instead we would fly into the city and arranging for transportation once we landed.

We found this awesome Black car service on Trip Advisor, and they were one of the only companies big enough to accommodate the entire clan. We were staying near Times Square so we knew traffic would be hectic, but we weren’t worried.

The name of the company was Charter Premier Exclusive they were the best option for our huge group.

NYC Freedom Tower

NYC-Limo-ServiceOur first stop was the freedom tower, our driver dropped us of at around 10am on a Saturday morning.

The site was crowded but there was still plenty of room for the family and I to enjoy the scenery We took plenty of photos to remember the moment, and we even got a chance to go inside to explore the building.

This visit to this historic landmark lasted about 2 hours, we were ready to move on to the next location.

Because we weren’t worried about transportation what I found was that we had plenty of time to plan and organize our activities so that we’re not too overwhelmed by all that the city has to offer.

Turns out Charter Premier Exclusive is a luxury transportation company. My wife and I had no idea but it made sense since the car we had for the entire trip was a fully decked out Cadillac Escalade.

I have to say that our choice of transportation made the biggest difference when it came to lowering our stress levels on this trip. 

In most cases, navigating New York City could get tricky, particularly for out of Towners. Although, you can arrange for a bus or a cab, these means of transportation can get very expensive, very quickly.

We found that one of the most exciting ways to see New York City especially on a vacation is by taking advantage of the services the city has to offer. Our personal driver was easily able to navigate through the muddle of cars, trucks, buses, and pedestrians with accuracy.

If you are visiting New York City for an event such as a show, concert, or awards ceremony, They are the best choice.

Imagine pulling up to the occasion in a stretch limo or exotic black car while robed in your very best outfits with a personal driver at your service. This is how my entire family felt, whether we were going to Central Park or just to the nearest convenience store (Usually no more than a block away).


Another beautiful aspect of being chauffeured by a luxury transportation service other than not having to drive is the unbeatable entertainment of it all.

CPE’s vehicles were fully equipped with surround sound, DVD players, TVs, minibars, gaming consoles, MP3 hookups, and sufficient room to relax. We could’ve easily accommodated up to 15 people at a time. It was an awesome way to experience the beautiful sight-seeing together with my family and friends.

Seeing New York City was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me and my family, and Charter Premier Exclusive was the key to experiencing stress free luxury transportation at its finest. Don’t allow the trouble of traveling by car, train, and plane ruin your next ultimate NYC vacation.

Instead, book an NYC limo service or black car service from Charter Premier Exclusive to carry you smoothly from destination to destination with a personal driver.

To learn more about Charter Premier Exclusive luxury transportation and their affordable rates, please visit:

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